AGSA: Audting Traineeship Programme 2018

 Location: Countrywide

Support the audit teams in conducting an effective and efficient audit by conducting baseline audit work, executing the audit procedures and ensuring that all relevant audit information has been documented in preparation for drafting of the audit report
Roles & Responsibilities

Gain knowledge and understanding of client business by reading the audit files of previous years, gather information from the AGSA management and also engage with appropriate staff at various levels at the auditee

Contribute to the development of audit plans

Compile sampling worksheet for the audit component
Prepare the working papers required for the audit

  • Conduct the audit in accordance with professional standards, audit legislation and quality standards

Analyse and interpret financial statements and identify unusual features or issues
  • Interpret the relationship between the elements within financial statements
  • Review financial statements to ensure proper accounting of all expenditure and receipts
  • Verify the financial systems to ensure the correct payment as per the accounting standards

  • Identify points arising from audits including the formulation of sound conclusions and constructive recommendations in terms of business systems, processes and internal controls
  • Assist in compilation of the management report.
  • Compilation and issuing of exceptions report to the clients.
  • Evaluate the client’s response to the exception reports and the management letters.

Knowledge Transfers:
  • On-the-job coaching of junior staff members

  • Providing input where audit manager requires input such as planning of audits under her/his control; budget and other organizational reporting needs

Skills, Experience & Education

  • CTA or ITC
  • B Compt/ B Com Accounting/ B Com (with auditing, Accounting and Management Accounting as majors)
  • Be eligible to register  for a CTA
  • B Com with SAIGA required subjects:
  • Financial Accounting (three full years)
  • Auditing (two full years) – excluding internal auditing
  • Management Accounting (two full years)
  • Taxation (one full year)
  • Computer Information Systems (one full year)
  • Commercial Law (one full year)
  • Statistics (one full year)

Preferably a Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) or a B Com Honours degree
Preferably have a CTA or SAICA accredited undergraduate degree and

Closing Statement

These appointments are subject to the preferred candidates obtaining the necessary security clearance, reference checking and competency assessment.

We embrace employment equity and are committed to achievement of fair and equal representation of our workforce.

Preference will be given to internal applicants and candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Auditor General welcomes applications from all persons with disabilities

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