Eskom: Artisan Learnership Programme 2017

 Location: Matla Power Station, Mpumalanga


•   N3 with Mathematics, Physical Science or Engineering Science OR
•   Matric with Mathematics and Physical Science
•   English as a second language

Skills and Competencies

•   Ability to apply Maths and Science knowledge
•   Good understanding of thermodynamics
•   Communication
•   Verbal and written skills
•   Reading and / or studying skills
•   Questions skills

Personal Attributes

•   Safety consciousness
•   Have ability to understand and retain technical concept
•   Self-discipline
•   Assertiveness
•   Good emotional resilience
•   Team player
•   Have ability to perform physical work and climb stairs
•   Fine moto skills
•   Good balance, good eye, hand feet co-ordination
•   Good colour vision
•   Comfortable with heights
•   Good depth perceptions
•   Good visual activity
•   Good hearing ability
•   Heat tolerance

Key Responsibilities

•   Remove and replace faulty equipment under supervision
•   Repair equipment under supervision
•   Install, maintain and commission plant equipment under supervision
•   Inspection of plant equipment under supervision
•   Participate in classroom and / or workshop training

How to Apply

Apply Online for the Eskom Artisan Learnership Programme 2017

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