ADvTech: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

The ADvTECH Schools Division is committed to investing in the finest teaching talent to ensure that we continue to provide an excellent education in an environment where teachers and students strive for the best results.

Key Performance Areas:

With this goal in mind, we invite interested 3rd and 4th year existing students to apply for bursaries to cover full-time or part-time studies.

Fields of specialisation:

•   African Languages First Additional Language
•   Early Childhood Development
•   Foundation Phase
•   Mathematics
•   Science


3rd and 4th year existing students

What we Offer (subject to specific criteria having been met):

•   Up to a maximum of 100% payment of study fees, linked to academic performance
•   The option to study full-time or part-time through a recognised institution
•   The opportunity to participate in a mentorship programme
•   Where feasible, the completion of at least one essential practical work component at a school within the ADvTECH Schools Division
•   The opportunity to earn supplementary income by participating in school activities e.g. as a sports coach, music coach or teacher€™s assistant.

NOTE: Bursary Students who successfully complete the Bursary Programme will also be eligible for placement in one of the Schools within the ADvTECH Schools Division should a position be available upon graduation

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