ISASA: Teaching Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

The ISASA Mathematics and English (M&E) Programme has been recently rebranded as the South African Mathematics and Science Teacher Intern Programme (SAMSTIP).

SAMSTIP, Investec and the Department of Basic Education are offering prospective Senior and Further Education and Training (FET) teachers specialising in the fields of Mathematics and the Sciences an opportunity to win bursaries to study for a four year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree or a one year postgraduate (PGCE) certificate at UNISA.

•   Learn from and be mentored by experienced school teachers
•   Access to excellent teaching, learning resources and technology
•   Training in ISASA schools
•   Targeted academic enrichment programme

The bursary will fully cover, amongst others, UNISA fees and textbooks.

Who can apply?

•   School leavers with matric exemption (Bachelor pass) and 60% or more in Mathematics, Sciences (Life Science or Physical Sciences) and English;
•   Tertiary students with Mathematics and Sciences (Life Science or Physical Sciences) credits;
•   Graduates with Mathematics and/or Science majors.

Applications are now open for 2018 bursaries..

Please click on this link to access the online application form:

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