SANLAM: Actuarial Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

If you are a whiz at maths, enjoy a good challenge by solving difficult problems and are willing to remain focused and disciplined through years of studying and training, then you are just who we’re looking for.

What do we offer:

•   Tuition and accommodation fees
•   Allowances for books, travel and pocket money
•   Mentoring and academic support from Sanlam actuarial professionals
•   Vacation work and networking opportunities with Sanlam staff
•   Guaranteed employment after completion of studies
•   Continued support and payment towards actuarial board exams
•   Range of work rotation opportunities across a broad spectrum of disciplines

Minimum Requirements

What do we require?

•   Final Grade 11 results
•   Certified copy of your identity document (ID)
•   An above 90% score in Mathematics and an overall A aggregate
•   A motivation to support your application that answers the following questions:
•   •   In your own words, can you describe what an actuary does?
•   •   Why do you want to study actuarial science?
•   •   Why do you believe you have what it takes to become an actuary?
•   •   Why should Sanlam choose you to be a bursary holder?
•   •   If you are not successful at becoming an actuary, what other career paths are you considering?

•   •   Grade 12 results may be used as determinnig factor.


•   Strong Analytical Ability
•   Problem Solving Skills
•   Order and Accuracy
•   Attention to Detail
•   Adaptability
•   Ability to function independently
•   Good communication skills

We are committed to embracing and accelerating transformation. In accordance with Sanlam’s employment equity plan, preference will therefore be given to suitably qualified candidates from the designated groups (Black South Africans i.e. African, Coloured and Indian scholars).

How to Apply

Apply Online for the SANLAM: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

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