Eskom: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

Therefore a number of Eskom bursary schemes are available to assist capable students to acquire good education which is essential for a better future.

Eskom bursary schemes offered are:-


Offered mainly based on business needs of the business, given to the following individuals:

•   Academic deserving students
•   South African citizen
•   After completion of studies, to work-back obligation equal to contract duration

Offered exclusively to Eskom employees children / dependence based on the following:

•   Academic deserving students
•   Years of service by employee (minimum of 5years in service)

Fields of Study


•   Civil Engineering
•   Electrical Engineering
•   Electronic Engineering
•   Environmental Sciences
•   Industrial Engineering
•   Mechanical Engineering
•   Accounting
•   Supply Chain
•   IT
•   Computer Engineering
•   Metallurgical Engineering
•   Chemical Engineering
•   Nuclear Engineering


•   Electrical Engineering
•   Industrial Engineering
•   Mechanical Engineering
•   Metallurgy
•   Safety and Risk
•   Environmental Science

Further Education & Training (FET)

•   Boiler Makers
•   Control & Instrumentation
•   Electricians
•   Fitters & Turners
•   Mechanical
•   Millwrights
•   Welders
•   Plumbers
•   Bricklayers
•   Carpenters
•   Power Plant Operators


Individuals legible to apply must meet the following requirements:-

•   Applicants must be South African citizens with a valid ID number
•   National Senior Certificate or equivalent
•   Written proof of acceptance for admission by higher education institution
•   Applicants must be for full time studies at an accredited South African institution
•   Applicants must be willing to undergo an interview and medical examination or health declaration

Students to study at the University
Subjects     Old Symbols     New Symbols
English     HG (C)     5
Physical Science     HG (C)     5
Mathematics     HG (C)     5

Students to study at the Technikons/University of technlology
Subjects     Old Symbols     New Symbols
English     HG (D) SG (C)     4
Physical Science     HG (D) SG (C)     4
Mathematics     HG (D) SG (C)     4

Students to study at the Further Education and Training (FET)
Subjects     Old Symbols     New Symbols
English     HG ( E ) SG (D)     3
Physical Science     HG ( E ) SG (D)     3
Mathematics     HG ( E ) SG (D)     3

Applicants that are already at Higher institution:-

The applicant must have passed all their registered subjects in that current year
Selection process

•   Applications should be submitted to Eskom by no later than 31 July each year, for the following academic year.
•   Applications should preferably be submitted online by using this website. Applicants who do not have internet access can also post their application or hand-deliver them to the nearest Eskom offices.
•   All applicants short listed to attend an interview will be notified. Notification is done telephonically as well as per written correspondence.
•   Selection interviews normally take place during August to to October each year. Applicants will be required to attend an interview and sometimes a medical declaration/examination might be done.
•   Final selection and award is subjected to a successful interview, satisfactory academic results and medical fitness.
•   Applicants will be told of the outcome from/between October to December of that year. Please note that no correspondence will be entered into prior to this date.
•   Successful candidates will then be provided with comprehensive documentation relating to the Eskom bursary scheme as well as a written contract and other documentation for completion to be returned back to Eskom.

Bursary package

    Full Eskom Bursary     Scholarship
Registration Fees      ✓      ✓
Tuition Fees      ✓      ✓
*Residence or Accommodation Fees      ✓      ✓
Meals      ✓      ✓
Book Allowance      ✓      ✓
PC Allowance      ✓      ✖
Vacation Allowance and
Accommodation      ✓     ✖

✓= Provided
✖=Not Provided

* = Amount payable is determined by Eskom

Other information to take note of:-
Applicants may not receive any other grant for the same qualification without prior written approval from Eskom

•   Vacation work costs will be borne by the relevant business units on approval by the same said business unit.
•   The bursary is for maximum of five (5) years where bridging is applicable
•   Failure on bridging/first academic year, bursary will be cancelled without an obligation
•   From 2nd academic year onwards, failure to progress to the next academic year, bursary to be suspended
•   The bursary will be suspended for one year (university) or trimester (University of technology) if the student fails. The bursary will only be reinstated once, thereafter on failure again automatic cancellation is applied
•   The bursary will have to be paid back on cancellation (full value and compound interest at prime rate)
•   Bursaries are only granted for undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies bursaries are not granted unless there is a need and approval is received from the relevant business units Divisional Executives.

How to Apply

Download Eskom Bursary application form and 

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