Lonmin: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

The BURSAR will be a full-time student, undertaking vacation work and gaining practical experience in the relevant disciplines. The Bursar will undertake a Bursary Agreement with Lonmin which includes 8 weeks’ vacation work annually.


•   Grade 12 – Average of 60% or higher in both Mathematics and Science.
•   Formal qualification: University results – C average (60%) or higher in one of following disciplines:
•   •   Pharmacy
•   •   Medical Doctor
•   •   IT
•   •   Finance
•   •   Electrical Engineering
•   •   Mechanical Engineering
•   •   Chemical Engineering
•   •   Metallurgy
•   •   Analytical Chemistry
•   •   Survey
•   •   Geology
•   •   Mining
•   •   Electronic Engineering
•   •   Human Resources

Key Performance Areas

•   Attend lectures at University/Technicon.
•   Conduct compulsory practical vacation work of 8 weeks per annum as per bursar programme outcomes and/or University/Technicon project.
•   Adhere to all Company policies, standards and procedures.
•   Perform all assigned tasks in a safe manner.
•   Capturing and reporting of information.
•   Ensure effective team relationships and support.
•   Engage relevant stakeholders to gain the necessary business context.
•   Support and promote a positive work environment.

How to Apply

Apply Online for the Lonmin: Bursary / Scholarship Programme 2018

Alternatively, collect a community application form from the Community Development Office in Mooinooi. Note that preference will be given to Employment Equity candidates. For any further Information, please.

•   Should you not he from us within a period of 21 days of the closing date, please regard your application as unsucccessful

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