CSIR Scholarship, Studentship, and Bursaries Opportunities On 2021 to Quench Science Enthusiasts Desire to Continue Their Education

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Researches, or more widely known by South African citizens as CSIR, is a South African-based company built in 1945. True to its name, CSIR commits itself to improve upon South African people’s life quality through its world-class research facilities, such as an assortment of scientific equipment or gargantuan-sized laboratories.

Along with the majority of its scientific-based workers and its beyond-excellent research infrastructures, CSIR continually provides learning opportunities for prospective science enthusiasts to change the world through deepening their research capabilities in the specified areas. Scholarships, studentships, and bursaries are among their methods to improve on their innovation qualities as well as their chosen scholarship, studentships, or bursaries’ awardees.

CSIR’s Bursaries (Local Scholarship Programme) and Studentships’ Schemes
CSIR disburses its bursaries through the Local Scholarship Programme scheme that partnered with CSIR’s partner universities in South Africa. These following universities are accepting CSIR-funded bursaries in Engineering-based majors through Local Scholarship Programme scheme:
  • University of Johannesburg
  • Tshwane University of Technology
  • University of the Western Cape
  • University of Cape Town
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of KwaZulu – Natal
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Bursaries offered by CSIR through the above-mentioned universities give financial supports to academic and non-academic-related expenses as mentioned in these following financing components:
  • Academic-related expenses: Tuition fees, university’s registration fees, book-related expenses, and laptop-related expenses.
  • Non-academic-related expenses: Living costs (including meal costs), expenses for attending yearly events, working holiday-related costs, and any expenses incurred during university tours.

Aside from giving Engineering-based bursaries, CSIR also offers a studentship programme for all qualified South African people. These following components are funded by CSIR upon acceptance of the programme:
  • MSc or PhD’s registration and tuition fees
  • CILLA-based short courses-related fees
  • Incurred expenses during national or international-staged paper presentations
  • Monthly living allowances

This studentship programme will also give its students new experiences in diverse projects that will help them in contributing to South African people’s well-beings. Additionally, selected students are also able to enjoy mentorship programmes through this CSIR-funded studentship programme.

CSIR’s Bursaries, Local Scholarships, and Studentships’ Requirements
To be considered eligible to receive any of those three CSIR-based financial supports, interested candidates should fulfil these requirements:
  • Be a South African citizen.
  • Pass Grade 12 with Level 5 English and Level 6 Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
  • Be unemployed (for future bursary recipients).
  • Intend to enrol or already enrol as the full-time student at either the BSc Honours or the MSc programme of partner South African-based public university (Special Note: Even if different financial schemes are supporting other streams aside from BSc Honours or MSc, it is preferable for applicants to be in those two programmes, since those two programmes can accommodate both the bursary or Local Scholarship Programme and the studentship programme).
  • CSIR’s studentship applicants must have acute understandings of CSIR’s needs in advancing its research programmes, that can be demonstrated through the prior qualification and their research proposals for Postgraduate candidates.
  • Interested CSIR’s bursary applicants should be able to work for CSIR for as long as their CSIR-funded years.

How to Apply for CSIR’s Scholarship, Studentship, and Bursary Programmes
CSIR’s bursary and studentship programmes are open every year, in which the updates can be seen on its official website. Alternatively, those who are interested in undertaking CSIR’s Local Scholarship Programme schemes should first and foremost phone these following collaborating institutions before applying:
  • Postgraduate Support and Funding of University of Johannesburg: 011 559 4016
  • Tshwane University of Technology’s Research and Innovation Office: 012 382 4910
  • University of the Western Cape Postgraduate Studies Division: 021 959 2451
  • University of Cape Town’s Postgraduate Funding Office: 021 650 3622
  • Postgraduate and International Office of Stellenbosch University: 021 808 2907
  • The University of KwaZulu – Natal’s College of Research: 033 260 5870
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Research Capacity Development Office: 041 504 432

Opening and Closing Dates of CSIR’s Scholarship, Studentship, and Bursary Programme on 2017
CSIR opens up new opportunities for aspiring science and technology enthusiasts to get financial supports every year with different opening and closing deadlines. For more details regarding CSIR’s financial aids’ deadlines on 2017, please visit CSIR’s official website.

Contacts Regarding on CSIR’s Scholarship, Studentship, and Bursary Programme’s General Questions
Questions regarding on CSIR’s scholarships, studentships, and/or bursary programmes, in general, should go to Nokuthula Zhama’s email address on nzama@csir.co.za or his/her phone number on +27 12 841 3256.

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