Exxaro Offers Bursary Opportunities on 2017 to Develop Young South Africans and Professionals in Engineering and Non-Engineering Subjects and Skills

Despite its status as a 10-year old company, Exxaro has proven its existence through innovating high-quality resources that are highly acceptable in South Africa, its local community. Additionally, its well-rounded approaches in assembling business strategies have led Exxaro to be one of South African’s most accessible companies in terms of its funds and quality resources and deliver solid returns to its investors respectively.

This black-owned company also has a diverse set of resources as well as current business interests in and outside the African continent, making it one of the most financially capable young-aged South African companies. These entire financial capabilities have enabled Exxaro to held many enriching programmes, including its bursary programme.

Exxaro’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Its Different Requirements
Exxaro’s bursary programme is a part of Exxaro’s initiative to construct and develop talent pipelines to constantly hire the brightest and most competent young talents to be Exxaro’s workers. There are two schemes of Exxaro’s bursary programme as noted on its introduction page, namely, Exxaro People Development Initiative and Professionals-in-training. Those two aforementioned schemes have their own funded study field as well as different financial component and minimum requirement as stated in points below.

Exxaro People Development Initiative (EPDI) Bursary
The EPDI scheme lasts for 5 years and is aimed for young Employment Equity talents around Exxaro’s operating communities who study engineering-related subjects in the assigned South African universities. These young talents in this EPDI bursary scheme will be given chances to do the Engineering Augmented Degree (“ENGAGE”) Programme that contains curriculum to help them prepare better for both of their engineering studies and university life as a whole.

This bursary scheme will fund these following academic and non-academic expenses for those who have already been shortlisted:

Academic-related expenses: Registration fees, tuition fees, and book allowances.
Non-academic-related expenses: Accommodation costs, meal allowances, and cash allowances for other related expenses such as laptop or calculator expenses.
Aside from receiving financial supports, bursary recipients will also receive administrative and mentoring assistance by the Exxaro company itself. There will also be on-site monitoring by Exxaro’s bursary programme’s teams to keep track on each bursary awardee’s performance and communicate with them. To prepare Exxaro’s bursary awardees to serve Exxaro after graduating, there will also be practical work opportunities offered by Exxaro in this EPDI scheme.

To be eligible for this bursary scheme, applicants should possess these following requirements:

  • Be current full-time South African local students in accredited South African universities.
  • Study either one of these following degrees and majors:
  • BSc in Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgy, or Mining Engineering.
  • B Tech in Mining Surveying (or MRM) or Mining Technician.
  • Hons compulsory in Geology.
  • Meet minimum Level requirements in their Grade 11 or Grade 12 as noted below:
  • Level 5 for English First or Second Language and Level 6 for Mathematics and Physical Sciences in Grade 11 or Grade 12 for BSc and Hons compulsory candidates.
  • Level 5 for Mathematics, Sciences, and English for B Tech candidates.

Since this stream programme is aiming for professionals who want to hone their career prospects, this Exxaro’s programme’s scheme generally has a shorter duration of 3-years combination of the theoretical and practical curriculum. This Exxon-made bursary scheme’s percentage consists of 80% former Exxaro’s bursary recipients and 20% externally-funded people that will join together in one professional-in-training programme scheme.

There will also be mentoring sessions for each recipient in terms of leadership and management training as a part of this bursary scheme. Upon graduating, shortlisted professionals will be able to obtain a professional accreditation that will be useful in their workplaces. The professionals-in-training programme scheme is available for these following study fields that are directly or not directly related to the Engineering subjects:

Directly Related to the Engineering subjects: Civil, Chemical, Electrical (high demands), Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Mining.
Not Directly Related, yet Still Relevant to the Engineering subjects: Mining Surveying, Mining Technician, Geology, Human Resources, Environmental Management, Finance.
Exxaro’s Bursary Programme’s Recruitment and Application Processes
Compared to other bursary providers, Exxaro’s recruitment and application processes are slightly different since it is only available for certain need-driven students or matriculants residing in its surrounding communities such as Limpopo or Mpumalanga who want to enrol as first-year students in the next academic year.

Additionally, Exxaro only limits its recruitment location to the assigned schools. In some cases, Exxaro might provide exclusive selection processes for other current undergraduate and already-graduated students should there be any emerging needs for more bursary recipients. When this happens, Exxaro will liaise with each university or faculty to offer a bursary place for those students.

Exxaro’s bursary programme’s application process itself begins when applicants fill in the application form as noted in its bursary portal. After those applicants have submitted their complete application packages, they should’ve received notifications to undergo a National Benchmark Test (NBT) and a psychometric test containing written tests about academic and quantitative literacy proficiencies as well as Mathematics to make sure they’ve been prepared to enter the higher education.

Applicants who have already passed those aforementioned two written tests will then be interviewed at Exxaro’s Pretoria Corporate Centre. Successfully-selected applicants will receive an outcome notification as well as invitations to take on a medical check-up before they can truly obtain Exxaro’s bursary’s offer letter.

Exxaro’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2017
Exxaro’s bursary programme always opens in February and closes on March all year-round. Visit Exxaro’s main bursary portal for more details on its bursary programme’s opening and closing dates on 2017.

Exxaro’s Bursary Programme’s Contact Details
Contact these following Pretoria-based physical and postal addresses or phone and fax numbers if there are any further questions about Exxaro’s bursary programme:
  • Phone Number: +27 12 307 5000
  • Fax Number: +27 12 323 3400
  • Physical Address: Roger Dyason Road, Pretoria West 0183, South Africa
  • Postal Mail Address: PO Box 9229, Pretoria 0001, South Africa

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