Nedbank’s 2017 Bursary Opportunities for Future South African Students Aiming to Be Business or Banking Practitioners

Nedbank Group (or “Nedbank” in this article)’s immense expertises in delivering and presenting financial and banking products have gained its position as one of South African’s Big Four banks. Furthermore, it is a banking company built with a long-term vision to constantly use their skills to benefit individuals, families, businesses, and societies all over South Africa.

Vision is not only becoming Nedbank’s middle name. Rather, Nedbank’s core vision to benefit greater South African’s communities through its increasing stakeholders’ trusts is supported by their Deep Green aspirations. Some parts of this Deep Green aspiration are “a caring bank” and “a great place to invest”, in which are manifested through its diverse programmes, including their bursary programme that will be discussed further in this article.

Nedbank’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Requirements
As far as its “Make Things Happen” slogan goes, Nedbank commits to transform and mobilise South African young future business and banking practitioners who wish to study at South African’s university through offering financial support to fund their university’s tuition fees. As financial condition become a crucial part of this bursary programme’s scheme, future students who experience financial difficulties will be taken into special considerations.

Interested applicants’ financial needs are assessed through Nedbank’s financial means test, which finalised score will be required for bursary funds’ requests. In addition to satisfying Nedbank’s standard score of the financial means test, applicants should possess these below-mentioned criteria:
  • Be a South African citizen with outstanding (at least 65% average) records of academic achievements.
  • Satisfy South African’s public universities or university of technologies’ requirements for registrations.
  • Study or intend to study any degrees that belong to Nedbank’s scarce skills needs.
  • Ready to contribute to Nedbank’s transformative targets.

How to Apply for Nedbank’s Bursary Programme
As the application process will be done entirely by online systems, applicants are encouraged to visit Nedbank’s official website to fill in and complete all necessary documents used to apply for Nedbank’s bursary programme.

Nedbank’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Deadlines on 2017
Nedbank offers bursary supports every year with different opening and closing deadlines per year. Visit Nedbank’s main bursary portal for more information on its 2017’s opening and closing deadlines.

Contact Details for Further Questions on Nedbank’s Bursary Programme
Call 0860 555 111 or fill in the question’s form by clicking on the “Talk to Us” text below the number on the Nedbank’s bursary programme’s main portal after pinpointing which types of questions that want to be asked if there are any further questions regarding on Nedbank’s bursary programme.

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