Standard Bank’s Maths, Sciences, Commerces, and Technologies-Based Bursary Programme Opportunities on 2022 for Current and Future Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

As far as its history goes, The Standard Bank Group (or referred as “Standard Bank” in this article) remains South African’s leading bank with gargantuan-sized banking service networks inside and outside the African continent.

When the aforementioned reality is coupled with its competent banking operation management and strategic controls in the insurance industry, it is no doubt that Standard Bank becomes one of the most financially powerful banks to disburse its funds to various educating and enriching programmes. One of those programmes is a bursary programme, in which Standard Bank financially supports over-achiever scholars to study in its partnering institutions according to the selected study fields.

Standard Bank’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes and Its Requirements
The African society will bring in positively significant contributions in the 21st century, and the vast majority of these contributing people are South African youths. Knowing these phenomena, Standard Bank feels compelled to shape and strengthen South African’s brightest youth capabilities through many different programmes, including giving out fully-funded bursaries for the sake of African-led future.

As a part of its grand bursary schemes, Standard Bank trains its young South African bursary recipients’ visionary leadership skills. Nine students among all bursary recipients will go to complete their postgraduate qualifications in Cambridge, Oxford, or The London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom according to their chosen academic expertises.

Other than its grand scheme, Standard Bank also offers Standard Bank Group Bursary, Standard Bank Group Postgraduate Bursary, and Standard Bank Group 150 bursaries – undergraduate studies as a part of its bursary schemes that cater to each different applicant’s educational level. More information about its eligibilities is shown in points below.

Standard Bank Group Bursary 
This bursary is targeting matriculants or A-level school leavers who want to pursue an Undergraduate degree in commerce, science, engineering or technology major in these following study centres:
  • The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust
  • Thandulwazi Maths and Science Academy
  • The Star Schools
  • Maths Centre Incorporating Sciences
  • Promaths
  • Sci-Bono
  • Hammanskraal Project
  • Targeting talent Wits
  • TRAC
  • Osizweni Education and Development Centre (OEDC)
  • Hulisani project
  • SSP
  • Kutlwanong centre for Maths, Science and Technology Project
  • UCT The Schools Improvement Initiative (SII)

Standard Bank Group Postgraduate Bursary 
Standard Bank Group Postgraduate Bursary programme is aiming for well-performed Undergraduate scholars who wish to continue their Postgraduate study in either one of commerce, science, engineering, mathematics, and technology major at any of Standard Bank’s partner institutions and demonstrated their financial needs as well. Applicants wishing to apply to this scheme should refer to Standard Bank’s official bursary programme’s page for more information on the partnering universities.

Standard Bank Group 150 bursaries – Undergraduate Studies
This Standard Bank-made bursary programme scheme is launched to celebrate Standard Bank’s 150 years of giving bursary supports in 2012. As a result, Standard Bank disburses 150 bursary and scholarship funds in this 150 bursaries scheme to highly-competent and well-rounded current second-or third-year Undergraduate students who study commerce, science, engineering, mathematics or technology in either one of these following institutions:
  • University of Cape Town
  • Wits University
  • University of Pretoria
  • Rhodes University
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of Johannesburg

How to Apply for Standard Bank’s Bursary Programme
There are 4 online and offline methods that bursary applicants can choose from when they’re thinking about applying for Standard Bank’s bursary programme as follows:
  • Mail posts: Send a complete letter package to the Standard Bank Bursary Programme, Studietrust, Private Bag X16, Braamfontein 2017 and state applicant’s name, surname valid postal address and the postal code in front of the mail’s envelope.
  • Email: Write an email to with an explicit request for Standard Bank’s bursary application form containing applicant’s full name, valid postal address, and their postal code.
  • SMS: Text STANDARD, name, surname, postal address, and postal code in chronological order to 31022.
  • Online: Visit Standard Bank’s Studietrust website and fill in the online application form from there.

Standard Bank’s Bursary Programme’s Opening and Closing Dates on 2017
Standard Bank begins to offer bursary supports from the first August to its closing deadlines at the end of September month each year. Nonetheless, since these deadlines are tentative, applicants are advised to view on Standard Bank’s official bursary programme’s page for more information on its 2017’s opening and closing dates.

Standard Bank’s Bursary Programme’s Contact Details
Contact Nadia DeLaRey at her email on should there be any questions on the Standard Bank’s bursary programme.

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