Telkom Bursary Programme Supports on 2021 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Students who Study ICT Subjects

Over the late March 31, 2016, Telkom has further proven its status as South Africa’s leading provider of telecommunication-related services. Not only that it has a normalised free cash flow of R3.9 billion that resulted in a huge amount of equity attributable to owners of Telkom in the same year, but it also increases its 3.2 million in-service access lines and 1,077.939 connected ports through the MSAN access to various individual and business customers.

When coupled with its wide range of telecommunication products and services, those realities become evident for Telkom to be financially healthy. Along with its mission statement to connect for a better life, Telkom disburses bursary supports to needy South African students, which will help it realise its convergence strategic initiatives to sustain its company’s future in South Africa.

Telkom’s Bursary Programme’s Schemes
In order to provide continual development opportunities for South African’s young talents, Telkom gives out bursary supports for full-time Undergraduate and Postgraduate students studying and/or doing researches in the following fields:

  • Electrical Engineering (Light Current)
  • Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Any researches related to the Engineering (Light Current) and Computer Sciences done at the Telkom Centres of Excellence (COE) programme, a programme built by Telkom in conjunction with other telecommunication industries and various academia.

How to Apply for Telkom’s Bursary Programme
Applying to Telkom’s bursary programme can be done by visiting its main candidate portal and create an account there. Applicants who have a Linkedin account can also register their candidacy’s data in the bursary portal. All applicants should ensure that their applications have been completed and the entire documents have been uploaded before submitting their application packages regardless on the registering method they use.

Opening and Closing Dates of Telkom’s Bursary Programme on 2017
Telkom opens up opportunities for aspiring bursary recipients to get bursary fund all year round, including on 2017. For more details regarding its opening and closing dates on 2017, visit Telkom’s official candidate’s portal.

Telkom’s Bursary Programme’s Contact Details
The 10217 phone number can be reached out in case of further questions on Telkom’s bursary programme.

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