Vodacom Bursary Opportunities for 2017 that are Suitable for South African Undergraduate People in Vodacom’s Supported Fields

Vodacom is known as a mobile and telecommunication-based company operating in several parts of the world, including South Africa. At the same time, since 1999, Vodacom has partnered with several companies with strong global presence to work on various social issues, including providing internet connections to various schools.

These collaborating programmes then contributed to Vodacom’s whopping amount of R800 million grants. Along with its Global Goals commitment that involves on improving education, health, and safety qualities for both the humanities and the planet, Vodacom becomes one of the most potential company to gives out help in various ways, including disbursing bursary funds as explained on points below.

Vodacom’s Bursary Programme’s Application Scheme
Vodacom’s bursary programme’s history was dated back in the year of 1999, a time when it first disbursed its fully-funded bursary programme for South African Undergraduate scholars. Not only that this bursary programme funds the recipients’ tuition fees, but also gives out allowances for books, accommodations, and yearly money for funding the recipients’ living costs.

Up until now, Vodacom has already given financial supports to more than 1,000 South African people who experience financial difficulties in terms of pursuing Undergraduate programmes that become Vodacom’s central skill requirements.

In addition to disbursing fantastic amounts of financial supports, Vodacom also helps in enhancing their bursary recipient’s working capabilities through annual vacation practical-based work training and providing a Graduate Development Programme for recipients that have graduated.

Vodacom’s Bursary Programme’s Application Requirements
Vodacom’s bursary supports are available for people who study these following fields:

  • Electrical or Electronic Engineering (Light Current only)
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Sciences (including Actuarial Science and Statistics)
  • Information Technology or Information Systems
  • BSc in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Bcom in either one of Accounting, Finance, or Economics
  • Digital Marketing

In addition to each candidate’s entrance on one of those aforementioned full-time fields of studies in any South African universities or university of technologies, candidates should also meet these following criteria to be eligible for Vodacom’s bursary programme’s financial aid:

  • Be at most a 25 years old South African citizen.
  • Be at least a first-year full-time Undergraduate student in any South African’s tertiary institutions in the Vodacom-supported field of studies.
  • Pass Grade 12 with exemptions and minimum “B” average in Mathematics and Science for Higher Grade subjects.

How to Apply for Vodacom’s Bursary Programme
First of all, applicants should download the Vodacom Foundation Bursary application form in PDF either on the Digital Classroom’s online bursary application portal or Career Wise’s portal. After downloading, applicants should either email it along with other supplementary relevant documents to applications@careerwise.co.za or fax it to 086 609 7183.

Opening and Closing Dates of Vodacom’s Bursary Programme on 2017
Every year, Vodacom commits bursary funds that are available starting in the 1st July and stop receiving new applications by 31st August, including in 2017. Since these deadlines are subject to change, applicants are encouraged to see Vodacom’s Bursary Programme’s opening and closing deadlines in 2017 through clicking the Career Wise’s main web portal.

Vodacom’s Bursary Programme Contacts
Send further queries by email through applications@careerwise.co.za should there be any questions related to Vodacom’s bursary programme.

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