Applications for (THE SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY INSTITUTE (SANBI) - BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS STUDENT BURSARIES FOR 2022 ) must be submitted before the closing date on Oct. 29, 2021

Please really application attention to the completeness of the application that will be sent to the selection committee is complete according to the requirements that have been set, in order to allow candidates to get the opportunity with what was expected.


  • The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is looking for a someone to offer the above named bursary
  • 4 x Hons; 8 x Masters; 4 x Doctoral


  • Application procedure: All applications must be accompanied by a cover-sheet – available with this advert.
  • Applications must include a full CV; a certified copy of academic record; letters of reference from two academic supervisors; an agreement from a prospective academic host; a certified copy of ID; and pdfs (or a open-source link) to two journal articles demonstrating their research to date.
  • Send all documents to:;
  • Subject: SANBI Biological Invasions Post-doc application 2022
  • E-mails must be <20MB.
  • For queries about the projects please contact those listed on the project outlines.

It is recommended for those of you who want to register to really application attention to the requirements that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Ensure data verification and management.
  • Manage physical curation process.
  • Perform scientific curation duties.


-Requirements and Running costs:

  • Candidates must be pro-active, enthusiastic, and interested in doing excellent research that will help improve our understanding and management of biological invasions.
  • Bursaries are only available to South African citizens registered at universities in South Africa and will be awarded in line with national equity targets and the need to diversify the research landscape (students to be based at historically disadvanataged or new public higher education institutions are encouraged to apply).
  • All students need to apply to a university themselves and the bursary is conditional upon them securing their position in such a programme.
  • Project running expenses are covered separately to the bursaries and vary depending on the project.

You are welcome to submit possible applications. Remember, you really must first apply the requirements (THE SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY INSTITUTE (SANBI) - BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS STUDENT BURSARIES FOR 2022 ). This variable will determine whether you are a viable candidate or not. Please see the qualification conditions provided below if you wish to double-check your credentials. it will be great if you complete everything in the following list if you want to stand a chance of passing your selection.

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