Petra Diamons: Rigger - Cullinan Mine 2022

 ROLE DESCRIPTION: Reporting to the Foreman Engineering: Mechanical, the role will perform all activities necessary to

accomplish the effective, safe and reliable lifting and rigging of heavy loads and maintain and inspect all rigging equipment, mobile

crane and overhead cranes in the area of responsibility.


  • - Provide subject matter expertise and skills in area of responsibility; advising on solutions to enhance or ensure the
  • effectiveness of the department/section.
  • - Perform inspections in accordance with the Mine Health and Safety Act Regulations and Manufacturing and Company
  • Standards to report all defects and breakdowns on equipment and machinery to the Foreman.
  • - Participate in planning shutdowns (Planned maintenance ), resources, tools and spares relevant to the shutdown activities
  • - Reports faults and unsafe conditions to the Central Control Room.
  • - Identify spares requirements and order according to departmental procedure.
  • - Responsible for the management of consumable stock levels (amongst others, spares and hydro carbons).
  • - Investigate, diagnose and perform trade related maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery according to the
  • maintenance requirements.
  • - Assist Foreman in executing his/his duties as and when required.
  • - Conduct planned task observations.
  • - Follow instructions as per job card and report any defects.
  • - De-energise and apply the lock-out procedure as per company policy.
  • - Responsible for creating rigging plans.
  • - Install all types of trade related equipment required for the safe operation of all rigging and lifting activities.
  • - Select applicable rigging equipment for lifting task based on load weights, sizes, facilities, conditions and work schedules.
  • - Responsible to ensure availability of safe rigging equipment.
  • - Apply packing and lashing methods to secure loads.
  • - Lift and move loads using rigging equipment, mobile cranes, overhead cranes and forklifts.
  • - Responsible to ensure that load testing of lifting equipment, crawl beams and cranes are carried out correctly.
  • - Responsible to for the safe operation of mobile cranes and related lifting activities.
  • - Perform trade related maintenance and repair of rigging and lifting equipment according to the maintenance requirements.
  • - Conduct maintenance, examinations and inspections in accordance with relevant legislation (i.e Health and Safety Act
  • regulations and SANS ( South African National Standards) 10293, Rope Condition Assessment ) and OEM specifications on
  • winder ropes.
  • - Replace overhead crane and mobile crane ropes as and when required.
  • - Replace winder ropes when required.
  • - Perform rigging activities to remove/replace structures and equipment.
  • - Assist with the recovering of broken down or redundant mining machinery and equipment from the mine face.
  • - Inspect and ensure safety condition of safety harnesses and life lines.
  • - Responsible for good housekeeping in working area.
  • - Provide input in preparing maintenance and inspection schedules.
  • - Conduct maintenance planning.
  • - Responsible for trade related administration.
  • - Perform standby duties and attend to breakdowns.
  • - Conduct on-the-job training for allocated apprentices.
  • - Ensure that all Engineering reporting is aligned with standards, guidelines and schedules.
  • - Establish and maintain good working relationships and an effective / sound communication system with the Engineering
  • Function and operation.
  • Petra Diamonds Limited is one of the world’s
  • leading suppliers of rough diamonds and one of
  • the largest independent diamond groups by
  • resource. It’s a polished diamond we’re after for
  • this role - an individual that clearly outshines
  • his/her peers: | CULLINAN DIAMOND MINE (PTY) LTD
  • Rigger – 2-year Fixed Term Contract
  • 2 | P a g e
  • - Takes cognisance of and adhere to Company policies, procedures and relevant legislation. Manage and report on non
  • compliance issues.
  • - Model behaviour that is consistent with the Company Vision and Values. Manage and report on non compliance issues.
  • - Perform risk assessments (Mini) and participates in risk assessments (Activity based).
  • - Provide Input to risk assessments , Safework procedures and Planned Task Observations, monitor, train and implement all
  • codes of practice, policies, procedures, risk assessments and standards and ensure all are in place for the effective
  • management of safe working conditions in terms of related area of responsibilities and legal requirements.
  • - Effective Team Player and Effective Self Management


  • - Grade 10
  • - N2 National Certificate
  • - Trade Test Certificate – Rigger**
  • - A minimum of 3 years post Apprenticeship / Qualification experience (can be concurrent with the PDL trade experience).
  • - Valid Drivers’ License


  • - Grade 12 / N3
  • - Computer Literacy and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • - Certificate of competency in steel wire ropes (i.e. Haggie training course) - as applicable

** Candidates holding a QCTO (Section 26D) Trade Test, where the learning route is not specified on the Certificate, must submit the

following: Statement of results issued by an accredited MQA trade test centre as well as evidence of training conducted at a technical

training centre (e.g. Portfolio of Evidence, Logbooks). Should these documents not be submitted, the application will not be considered.

Candidates holding S28 Trade Test certificates from non-Mining Sector centres will not be considered.


  • - Pass Vienna Level 2 Assessment.
  • - Know and adhere to safe work procedures.
  • - Demonstrate knowledge and skill in performing load testing activities on lifting equipment, TMM lifting machinery and cranes
  • according to standard operating and safe working procedures.
  • - Determine the correct safe work load rating of the equipment required to be used in the recovery of the machinery.
  • - Detect faults and identify trends and report to ensure action to minimize losses or downtime.
  • - Lift and move loads using required lifting and supporting methods and approved equipment.
  • - Have knowledge and skill to complete job cards and record actions/findings.
  • - Know and understand the specifications and limitations of lifting equipment, and TMM lifting machinery and cranes.
  • - Identify the tools, lifting equipment, mobile cranes and load carrying TTM required for work activities.
  • - Have knowledge to identify and prioritise critical tasks and sequence of events to be executed during planned shutdowns.
  • - Demonstrate knowledge and skill to conduct rope condition assessments on winder ropes as per the requirements of the Mine
  • Health and Safety Act.
  • - Know and understand rope discard criteria for winder ropes in accordance with SANS 10293.
  • - Respond and attend to breakdowns timeously and effectively to ensure minimum downtime and production losses.
  • - Do Planned Maintenance on equipment according to OEM specifications and safe working procedures. .

PLEASE NOTE: Petra Diamonds is currently aligning its organisational structure to the operational model therefore all job titles and

job profiles are under review. This may influence the grading of the position.

Cullinan Diamond Mine is an equal opportunity employer. Preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups in line with the

Company’s Employment Equity Policy and Plan and internal candidates. Pre-screening, profile testing, assessments, medical and security clearance

form part of the recruitment and selection process. Short listed candidates will be required to attend a panel interview. Employment of the successful

candidate is subject to the aforementioned criteria. Preference will be given to candidates who reside within our host labour sending areas (proof of

residence may be requested).

If you are already employed by Petra Diamonds – please submit an authorised internal application form, your CV, ID and supporting

documents/qualifications to the e-mail below.

External candidates, please complete an application form (available on and

forward, together with your résumé, SAPS certified qualifications and ID, to: by 02

January 2022. Please note, applications must be sent to the correct e-mail as indicated. Incomplete application forms and

documentation will not be considered.

Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. Petra Diamonds reserves the right not to fill this position.

If you have not heard from us within 30 days of the closing date, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

Please note that Petra Diamonds does not require any form of payment for recruitment purposes. If you are approached in this regard, you

should report the incident immediately to your local SAPS or via one of the following hotlines:

Toll Free: 0800 007 247; Phone Call: +27 31 571 5573; Fax: +27 31 560 7395; Email:; Post: KZ 138, Umhlanga

Rocks, 4320; Website:

How To Apply:

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