AVI Limited Job Vacancy as Footwear Wholesale Sales Rep 2022: Opportunity Available for Matric/ Grade 12 Qualification Holders


Division: The Spitz Group

Business Unit: Green Cross

Minimum experience: Associate

Company primary industry: Retail

Job functional area: Sales

Job Description

With the humble beginnings of a single store in Johannesburg CBD opened by Anthony and David Spitz in 1968, SPITZ has grown from strength to strength to become synonymous with the excellence of the exclusive international brands it offers in-store. 

An exciting opportunity exists for a FOOTWEAR WHOLESALE SALES REP at THE SPITZ GROUP for the GREEN CROSS AND GX&CO. BRAND PORTFOLIO in Bryanston, Johannesburg.  The purpose of the role is to sustainably advance the commercial and brand intentions of the organisation through front line engagement with customers and the selling in of product within the Retail Wholesale Channel. 

Line Manager: Wholesale Sales Manager 

Number of Direct Reports: None 

Job Specification:

Key Performance Areas: 

1. Sales Growth

  • The growth of revenue and market share through existing customers and channels as per targets set at a units and value parameter.
  • To sell, promote and create brand awareness of the Green Cross range of footwear, footcare and accessory prod
  • To call on pharmacies. health shops, shoe shops, ladles and men’s outfitters, corporate customers, governmental institutions, hospitals and selected chain stores
  • To achieve budgets set out on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Market growth in the ladies, men’s and kiddie ranges of shoes to the best of your ability.
  • To cover additional areas and or change areas in line with the companies operational and strategic requirements.
  • To work on a Saturday in order to achieve set out budgets and training purposes ad and when required by the company.
  • To ensure that to the Sales Representatives best ability that their monthly cost to company is kept below the 5% mark.
  • To ensure that problems pertaining to your area are addressed quickly and that correct decisions are made and or brought to the attention of the WSM ASAP.
  • To be accountable on your sales performance on shoes, footcare and accessories. 

2. Business Development

  • The identification and development of new customer and channel opportunities that will have the potential to advance the commercial and brand intentions of the organization.
  • To make use of business intelligence and reporting to make informed engagement with customer.
  • To seek opportunities on a daily basis on potential tenders available in your area.
  • Ensuring that you are up to date with the latest season’s advertising schedule/s.
  • To ensure that footcare wholesaler deals are communicated to the pharmacy in your area/s. 

3. Brand Protection and Advancement

  • Ensuring that the organization and brand are at all times presented and represented in a manner which advances the image and commercial intentions of the organization. This includes master brand, seasonal and promotion executions.
  • To ensure that displays are erected in line with current display criteria.
  • To ensure that your show and footcare displays and stands are kept well stocked, clean and neat at all times.
  • To ensure that point of sale is maximised and used wisely and that outdated signage is replaced with new updated point of sale and signage. 

4. Planning, Administration and Reporting

  • A structured, methodical approach to the execution of business responsibilities. Completion of all administration. Meet the various feedback and reporting requirements, on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.
  • To ensure that customers on credit fail that are either over the limit or over terms are addressed on a weekly basis.
  • To ensure that debtors age analysis is scrutinized on a weekly basis and addressed accordingly.
  • To ensure that weekly reports are handed in every Friday for the week.
  • To ensure that order forms are filled out correctly when ordering point of sale.
  • To have and develop a set call cycle which must be reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with the WSM
  • To ensure that all memo deadline dates and reporting requirements are met and submitted in time.
  • To ensure that monthly expense sheets are completed correctly and submitted by the last working Friday of the month.
  • To keep and maintain an accurate record history of your top 10 customers
  • The continuous updating of credit limits in line with customer requirements.
  • To ensure that competitor pricing tactics and or new styles in the market place similar to our own is communicated to WSM immediately.
  • To ensure that credit review forms and credit application forms are filled out correctly.
  • To manage returns and faulty shoes in their area responsibly and that all paperwork is in order and completed timeously. 

5. Relationship Management

  • The development and advancement of business relationships with customers and other stakeholders so as to best advance loyalty and commitment to the brand and the commercial intentions of the organization.
  • To develop sound relationships with all the company’s departments
  • Ensuring that your customers are made fully aware of why they are credit failing because of either terms or limit so this can be addressed accordingly.
  • To advise your customers about delayed styles (will be delivered late) and that discontinued styles which will not be delivered is cancelled accordingly in conjunction with the WSM and customers service department. 


Applications for (AVI Limited Job Vacancy as Footwear Wholesale Sales Rep 2022: Opportunity Available for Matric/ Grade 12 Qualification Holders) must be submitted before the closing date on 27 February 2022

Please really application attention to the completeness of the application that will be sent to the selection committee is complete according to the requirements that have been set, in order to allow candidates to get the opportunity with what was expected.


How To Apply: (AVI Limited Job Vacancy as Footwear Wholesale Sales Rep 2022

It is recommended for those of you who want to register to really application attention to the requirements that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.


Minimum Requirements:


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Sales Rep
  • Experience within the footwear industry would be advantageous
  • Wholesale Footwear or Apparel experience would be ideal


  • Completed Matric/Grade 12
  • Completed Three Year National Diploma or Degree would be advantageous 

Additional Requirements:

  • Customer service skills
  • Able to meet fixed deadlines and manage under pressure
  • Able to persuade and convince others
  • Willingness to travel 80% - 90% of the time
  • Own vehicle
  • Valid driver’s license


  • Thinking Analytically
  • Building Relationships
  • Influencing Others
  • Articulating Information
  • Staying Composed
  • Recovering from Set-Backs
  • Deadlines
  • Persisting

You are welcome to submit possible applications. Remember, you really must first apply the requirements (AVI Limited Job Vacancy as Footwear Wholesale Sales Rep 2022). This variable will determine whether you are a viable candidate or not. Please see the qualification conditions provided below if you wish to double-check your credentials. it will be great if you complete everything in the following list if you want to stand a chance of passing your selection.

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