Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022


Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022

Company : Nampak

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022

Our learning and development Programs aim to provide a development journey allowing you to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge, whilst being exposed to the manufacturing and engineering processes.

Duration: Between 24 – 48 months which comprises of:

  • Theoretical and practical training with our finest technical training team
  • Engineering and manufacturing exposure to enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • Varied training exposure at FET Colleges


Applications for (Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022) must be submitted before the closing date on 04 February 2022

Please really application attention to the completeness of the application that will be sent to the selection committee is complete according to the requirements that have been set, in order to allow candidates to get the opportunity with what was expected.


How To Apply: (Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022

It is recommended for those of you who want to register to really application attention to the requirements that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.



Completed Grade 12 or equivalent, preferably at a technical school/college.

Subjects should include:

  • Functional Mathematics, minimum of 50%
  • Physical Science, minimum of 50%
  • English language, minimum of 50%
  • N2 mechanical or electrical trade theory certificate
  • South African Citizen, submit a clear copy of your ID
  • Have technical understanding and mechanical aptitude..

Nampak DivFood has a proud culture of continuous learning and development, which combined with blended learning initiatives will provide opportunities for personal growth, technical and business competence, as well as an appreciation of our core values.

You are welcome to submit possible applications. Remember, you really must first apply the requirements (Nampak: Apprenticeship Programme 2022). This variable will determine whether you are a viable candidate or not. Please see the qualification conditions provided below if you wish to double-check your credentials. it will be great if you complete everything in the following list if you want to stand a chance of passing your selection.

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