The Beverage Company Job Vacancies as Warehouse Checker 2022: Available Opportunity for Grade 12 / Matric / NQF level 4, Qualification Holders


Company: The Beverage Company

Reference #: #1160753

Contract Type: Permanent

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


Warehouse Checker (Supply Chain )

Accountable for operation of own work area or as a member of a team, as well as for quality, standards and outputs within defined work routines and policies.

Job Purpose

The purpose is to facilitate loading, unloading and storage of Product safely and efficiently while maintaining our governance and Customer service standards.

Job Functions: Warehousing

Industries: Fmcg (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector),Food & Beverages


Key Accountabilities and Outputs

  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Department of Labour stacking exemptions complied with
  • Site housekeeping standards maintained and adhered to
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment used as designated by site safety standards
  • Effective stock quality management
  • Warehouse stock age standards maintained by ensuring stock rotation principles applied
  • Ensures quality control through checking packaging on warehouse floor and prior to loading
  • Effective inventory management
  • Participation in handover process before and after every shift
  • Accurate stock counts performed when requested
  • Maintain clear and effective communication with Stock Clerk, Warehouse Controller and Warehouse Supervisor
  • Accurate checking, loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Independent check conducted of all loads to ensure correct quantities of split and full pallets
  • Accurate recording of returns
  • Facilitate efficient loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Maintain clear and effective communication with Warehouse Supervisor / and other team members
  • All documentation accurately and comprehensively completed
  • Conversant with relevant business information, policies, processes and procedures


Applications for (The Beverage Company Job Vacancies as Warehouse Checker 2022) must be submitted before the closing date on 07 March 2022

Please really application attention to the completeness of the application that will be sent to the selection committee is complete according to the requirements that have been set, in order to allow candidates to get the opportunity with what was expected.


How To Apply: (The Beverage Company Job Vacancies as Warehouse Checker 2022

It is recommended for those of you who want to register to really application attention to the requirements that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.



Qualifications and Experience

  • Grade 12 / Matric / NQF level 4, Forklift License (Essential)
  • Up to 6 months experience (Operational Execution) FMCG
  • MS Excel; SAP; E Mail

Key Qualities

  • Communication
  • Routine communication in connection with instructions, requests or normal work tasks

Problem Solving

Proactive identification of problems that are concrete and procedural, troubleshoot and apply solutions in line with guidelines provided or escalate more complex problems to superiors, providing information required to solve problems.

Relationships Maintained

Others in own work area

Behavioural Competencies

Interpersonal Sensitivity

Able to interact positively with others, understanding their interests and concerns.

Listens to others ideas and concerns and takes these into account before responding

Comes across as open and approachable towards others

Takes care in the choice of words used when interacting with others

Encourages co-operation with others

Planning and Organising

Manages time effectively, ensuring effective completion of tasks under stressful deadlines

Able to prioritise activities and resources, ensuring that results are achieved effectively

Able to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments to initial plans, ensuring a successful outcome

Verbal Communication

Able to communicate verbally in a logical manner.

Takes the intended audience into account when communicating verbal information.

Makes use of appropriate business language in verbal communication

Includes all relevant information in verbal arguments

Demonstrates proficiency of language in verbal communication

Interprets complex information to expresses own viewpoint in verbal communication

Concludes verbal arguments by making reference to relevant facts

Continuous Improvement

Increases performance expectations when success has been achieved

Seeks out sources of information, including trade associations, “best practice” companies, customers, peers, subordinates, etc

Finds ways to fast-adapt improvement ideas to work processes

Proactively seeks out resources, alliances, etc., needed to quickly introduce improvements

Analytical Thinking

Able to take a complex task and breaking it down into manageable parts in a logical, detailed way

Thinks of multiple explanations or alternatives to a problem

Able to identify the information needed to solve a problem effectively

Performs tasks accurately and thoroughly, making adjustments to ensure needs are met

Considers business priorities when making decisions or analysing the costs and benefits of various alternative solutions

You are welcome to submit possible applications. Remember, you really must first apply the requirements (The Beverage Company Job Vacancies as Warehouse Checker 2022). This variable will determine whether you are a viable candidate or not. Please see the qualification conditions provided below if you wish to double-check your credentials. it will be great if you complete everything in the following list if you want to stand a chance of passing your selection.

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