BKB Ltd Jobs Vacancy as Shipping Clerk 2022: Available Opportunity for grade 12


Job Details

Division: BKB

Business Unit: House of Fibre

Minimum experience: Entry Level

Company primary industry: Agriculture

Job functional area: Other

Job Description

Here at House of fibre, we want to do things differently. We have to, because the world is changing, and we always want to stay ahead. Our managers are the ones to lead this. We are looking for great a manger who is a forward thinker and who want to make a difference.





Responsible for all clerical functions regarding shipping of containers as well as operating a forklift by loading, offloading and moving of bales and other materials around the facilities with the utmost care to ensure efficiency and safety.



  • Ensure that documentation is completed and passed on for capturing.
  • Exporting of shipment and delivery instructions
  • Assist with general administrative duties, like filling, making copies, and making sure all correct shipments documentation is attached.
  • Inform the Manager of all containers that is ready for loading.
  • Updating production figures by giving correct information with regards to shipping, vessel stats and number of containers per day/ per week.
  • Checking of container loads and assist with short bales
  • Ensure that bales are marked correctly.

Transporting Bales:

  • Transporting of bales identified, in order to ensure continuous flow of the shipping department.
  • Locating and moving bales for storage or shipment
  • Responsible orderly stacking of bales


  • Ensure that the correct bales are loaded onto trucks for delivery.
  • Offloading of full containers and loading empty containers with the Container lifter
  • Assist with offloading and checking of outside bales


  • Responsible for forklift and container lifter
  • Ensure that the vehicle and lifter are kept in a clean and working condition.

Ad hoc tasks:

  • Assist with any other tasks as required
  • To perform any other ad hoc activities/duties/tasks as requested by his superior anywhere in the plant (HOF) premises


Applications for (BKB Ltd Jobs Vacancy as Shipping Clerk 2022: Available Opportunity for grade 12) must be submitted before the closing date on 06 May 2022

Please really application attention to the completeness of the application that will be sent to the selection committee is complete according to the requirements that have been set, in order to allow candidates to get the opportunity with what was expected.


How To Apply: (BKB Ltd Jobs Vacancy as Shipping Clerk 2022

It is recommended for those of you who want to register to really application attention to the requirements that have been determined, in order to get a better chance.

BKB Ltd Jobs Vacancy as Shipping Clerk 2022 reserves the right to offer or refuse employment to anyone at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decision of the committee is final and all parties involved in the recruitment process.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as possible to register. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is only designed to provide you with a stable position during the recruitment process.

Remember, incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates who submit their applications after the stated deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.



  • Grade 12
  • Appropriate computer skills / computer literate – Windows
  • 2 Years’ experience working with Fibre
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Basic Mohair knowledge
  • Be able to work a container lifter
  • Bilingual (English and Afrikaans)
  • Valid forklift license
  • Good communication skills

You are welcome to submit possible applications. Remember, you really must first apply the requirements (BKB Ltd Jobs Vacancy as Shipping Clerk 2022). This variable will determine whether you are a viable candidate or not. Please see the qualification conditions provided above if you wish to double-check your credentials. it will be great if you complete everything in the following list if you want to stand a chance of passing your selection.

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